Why Consider Year-Round Parasite Preventatives for Your Pets

 Parasite Preventatives for Your Pets

If you are living in Vaughan, keeping your pet healthy and parasite-free is a must. Now that spring season is around the corner, it becomes even more important to protect your dogs and cats from parasites.

Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is one of the most dangerous parasitic infections in pets. It is both risky and expensive to treat in infected dogs; and unfortunately there is no successful treatment for cats yet, making this disease life-threatening for our furry friends.

Because it takes up to 6 months for a heartworm larvae to develop into a full-blown infection, it is essential to give your pet a year-round prevention in order to fully protect your pet in Vaughan. It only takes one missed dose, for your cat or dog’s health to catch this fatal disease.

Speak with us about testing your furry friend every year for heartworm disease and about preventative methods best for his or her risk to exposure.

Fleas and Ticks

Fleas and ticks are another year-round threat in Vaughan, making regular, monthly parasite prevention a must for caring pet owners. Even during the cooler months, flea infestations can still occur indoors and out.

Most pet owners believe that ticks live only in bushy areas, tall grasses, or woods during the summer, spring, and autumn months. But the reality is ticks are found throughout the year in areas you’d never imagine, such as parking lots and patios.

While conducting regular tick checks and keeping your home free from the debris that invites fleas and ticks will help minimize the threat. A great way to ensure that your furry friend doesn’t fall victim to these parasites is giving his or her flea and tick preventative, year-round.

Get Parasite Preventatives Today

Please don’t put your dogs and cats at risk just because you’ve heard that these parasites are only a seasonal danger. The reality is, they’re not – it is important to protect your pet all year long.

Napa Valley Vet Clinic understands that our customers care for their pets and want to see them healthy. Bring your pet to our clinic for a wellness exam, and we will discuss your pet’s lifestyle and other factors to determine the right parasite preventive for your pet.

Please contact us to schedule an appointment if your furry friend is unprotected. The cost of prevention is very less than the cost of treatment, which can be costly and stressful on your pet.