How to Avoid a Lost Pet: Woodbridge Animal Hospital

 Ways to Avoid Your Pet From Going Missing

Unfortunately pets go missing on everyday basis. Microchipping your pet from Woodbridge animal hospital is the easiest way to ensure their return to you. Although a tag on your pet’s collar is a great means of identification, most pets go missing due to a poorly fitted collar.


Microchipping is considered as one the safest and the easiest ways to identify your pet if it ever goes missing. Microchips are about the size of a grain of rice and are injected under your pet’s skin with a needle. Microchip contains the contact information of the pet’s owner that will remain attached to the animal at all times. Remember it is important that you update microchip information in case you move, otherwise it will do you no good.


Properly fitted collar and leash is another way to ensure your pet is safe and by your side when you take them outdoors. Make sure the collar is not too tight, you should easily be able to insert two fingers under the collar, and at thee same time not be able to pull it over your pet’s head. We also do not recommend pet owners to walk their dog with a flexi-lead. Although it offers great freedom if you are playing ball outdoors, it can also allow your pet to get too far from you. It is common for a dog to chase after something – such as a squirrel or a cat – and when they reach the end of the flexi-lead it is snapped from the owner’s hand.


A good obedience is the last defense you have to avoid your pet from getting lost. Even a well trained dog could be allured not to listen to its owner if there is a squirrel nearby. You should practice having your pet come, sit and stay in all kinds of situations. If your pet will follow your commands during the most hectic situations, he or she will most likely follow them in an emergency situation as well. Make sure to practice these skills in all kinds of situations; it will not only increase your furry friend’s confidence but will also strengthen the bond between you two.

The best way to avoid your pet from going missing is to prevent it from happening. Practice safe walking techniques and good obedience. Use clear ID tags and a registered and updated microchip.

Our Woodbridge pet hospital offers microchipping services to ensure your furry companion never loses the sight of you. Contact us to schedule an appointment today.