How to Trim the Nails of Your Dog At Home – Basic Pet Grooming Tips

A common question asked by a pet owner asks at the veterinary clinic Vaughan is how to trim nails of their dogs at home. Nail trims can be stressful for both – you and your dog. Dogs are always cheerful and they are hard to control for performing such grooming job. You need to be extra cautious in order to make the whole process enjoyable for everyone. Start the nail trimming job with their feet. Make sure to do this while they are relaxed. Just hold their toes and start playing with them. Play until the dog relaxes. You can also offer some treats and toys to keep it calm. Once you have pleased your dog, its time to introduce the clippers.

Selecting the Right Clipper

Pet owners can find an array of designs and sizes of pet nail clippers in the retail stores. Remember to pick the one that is comfortable and of proper size of your pet. It is advised to involve some other family member also in this task. Other family member may hold the dog while you clip to avoid any cut or bruise on your dog’s skin. After grabbing the foot, press the middle of the toe gently to expose the nails. Don’t trim the nails too short otherwise the toe can bleed and hurt.

Visualizing the Quick

You need to determine where the ‘quick’ vessel first to get started with clipping off the pet nails carefully. Quick is the blood vessel that supplies blood to the toe and can bleed if you trim the nails too short. Clip the small amount of nails until you get close to the quick. As you get closer to it, you will find dark area in the middle of the nail. Make sure you don’t cut the nails beyond that point otherwise it will start bleeding.

What if You Hit The Quick?

In case you cut the nails beyond the restricted area, it will be bleeding. Don’t panic! There are many products available in the market to provide instant relief to your pet’s toe. But, the one easiest home remedy is cornstarch. Just take a pinch and sprinkle that to the bleeding toe nail.

Reward Your Pet

Reward your pet for his good behavior and making the nail trimming a pleasant experience. Give them a treat or toy as to let them know that you are happy with their behavior.

You need to be calm while the whole process. Dogs generally don’t like having their nails trimmed. Thus, it is advised to get your dog used to having their paws being handled. Make sure you inspect their foot periodically.

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