Cats have a knack for grabbing attention of their owners. Your cats know how to get you pamper her. While your cat may expect a lot from you ranging from a giant cat house to dozens of toy, you don’t need to do too much as this may spoil your furry pal a bit. In fact, there are many ways you can pamper your cat without spoiling her. This way you can make her feel like she is special for you and living in a paradise.

Here are a few options:


Cats prefer to live in small spaces. So, it is ideal to get your furball a condo or cube so she can enjoy her own personal space. You can also make a tent house for your kitty with a tee shirt and a few wire hangers. Not to mention, boxes and paper grocery bags are also enjoyed by our feline friends.

Tips To Pamper Your Cat

Daily Play Sessions

Make sure you play with your feline pal daily. A good play session in not only important for a strong bonding, but it will also help you maintain the optimal health condition of your pet. Play sessions also boost mental stimulation and prevent her from becoming fat. Another benefit of playtime is that you will be able to channelize her energy in a positive way. Your kitty is more likely to take a nap instead of pouncing on your feet.

Window Views

Just like us, kitties also get bored so a window view is must for them. They love to relax and enjoy watching outside; the birds, squirrels and other things. So, it is good to invest in a cat tower set that is placed before a window. Or you can put the cat bed or a couch so that your feline friend can enjoy its time looking outside.

Scratching Post

Your feline friend knows how important her claws are to survive in the world. That’s why, they had learnt to take good care of their nails long ago. Provide your cat with a good scratching post so that she can do her manicures on those boards and posts instead of your furniture.

There are various ways to show your love and care for your feline friend. Just keep in mind there is a little difference in pampering and spoiling someone. Pamper her, but don’t spoil her.

If your cat requires any sort of veterinary care, you can rely on our veterinarians at Napa Valley Animal Hospital. We have the right experience and equipments required to keep your furry friend happy and healthy.