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Specialty Diets for Your Pets – Napa Valley’s Pet Prescription Diets

Your pets are your best friends. And just like your human friends, pets too face many health problems. Some of these issues are related to diet and lifestyle – a responsibility of owners. Sometimes, your pet’s health conditions warrant that you feed them special prescription food. Being responsible for its well-being, you should take interest in maintaining a healthy diet for your pets.Dedicated diet regimen for pets includes prescription foods that help promote pet health and increase the life of your pet.

Prescription Cat/Dog Food from Veterinarians

Every day, our experts face the same question – “my pet is extremely picky about eating. What can I feed him?” Well, the pets become choosy not entirely because of habits. Sometimes, they refrain from eating something that does not bode well with their health. Owners just have to feed them something suitable – a prescription diet to be exact.

Pet prescription diets are nothing but specialized foods that focus on improving certain health issues through dietary route. These are usually raw foods that aim to provide your pet with optimum nutrition. You can feed them independently or with other dietary components. They help replenish your pet’s certain nutrients including vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. Prescription diets are more of a complimentary diet instead of a complete diet. A veterinarian can recommend a specialty pet diet based on complete health analysis. Consult our vet today to diagnose your pet’s health and get a recommendation of a healthy prescription diet.

Why Choose Prescription Foods for Pets

A thorough check up of your pet can bring many surprises. Our veterinary experts recommend prescription food after complete pet analysis. We deal in major prescription foods right within our own animal clinic. Generally, we recommend a prescription food when:

  • During recovery from surgical procedure or serious illness
  • To overcome overweight or underweight problem
  • To treat a particular skin condition
  • Age-specific healthy diet for cats and dogs
  • Combat urinary tract infection
  • Handle nutrient stress due to chemotherapy

Remember, specialty diets are not an alternative to your pet’s current diet. They are supplements which supply a deficient nutrition or help tackle a certain pet health problem. They contain nutrients that are normally not present in your pet’s dietary regimen.

Benefits of Prescription Food for Pets

Acidic urine can cause a host of problems. Balanced pH levels in pet urine are essential to prevent serious illness. Urine content can be controlled by specialty diets.These special diets contain easy-to-digest fat and protein components. Thus, they help in faster tissue repair and provide immediate vitamins and minerals.

  • Gastrointestinal health can be maintained through high-fiber prescription diet.
  • Multiple vitamin diet replenishes lost energy and promotes quick recovery.
  • Diets rich in anti-oxidants help boots body’s immunity against diseases.
  • Diabetes can be prevented through special prescription diet.

Why Choose Us?

At Napa Valley Veterinary Hospital Vaughan, you can get consultation regarding prescription foods. We stock every major pet prescription diet brand. Whether you are looking for a diabetes diet or a general health diet for recovery, we have them all under none roof. Come check our range of prescription foods.

Call us at 905-552-VETS (8387) and inquire if we have the prescription diet you are looking for.