Napa Valley Pet Wellness Exams in Vaughan/Woodbridge

Wellness Exams

Comprehensive Wellness Exams For Your Precious Pets

Regular health check up for pets helps detect and treat various health concerns well ahead in time. Wellness exams for pets help determine the current health situation of your beloved dog/cat. Just like us humans, veterinarians maintain an annual health chart for the pet to track any serious illness. Wellness exams for pets are highly crucial in the early stages of life i.e. from first week to 16 weeks. Apart from vaccinations, general check up can help track growth, check symptoms of diseases and maintain a healthy diet. Our veterinarians undertake complete pet analysis. Let us guide you on complete pet health care.

Napa Valley Wellness Exams for Pets – Affordable Health Care Services

Our compassionate animal doctors perform general check up for both cats and dogs. The regimen involves routine checkup to identify and treat diseases. Our vets are experienced in detecting symptoms effectively. Moreover, general exams every six months or annually are known to have positive impact on your pet’s health.

Why We Recommend a General Health Check up of Pets

There are many diseases and disorders which manifest slowly in your pet’s body. For example, worms, cancer and oral health issues. They may not be prominent in the beginning, but slowly they start rearing their ugly head. A routine test will help pet vets to identify and take preventive measures well in time.

Most pet owners are not aware of their pet’s health issues until it is too late. There are numerous health concerns to be taken into account when it comes to pets particularly elderly pets. For instance, most pets generally suffer from one or other types of kidney diseases. Vaccinations do help up to some extent but it’s the regular checkup that really determines the health of your pet. Our pet well exams or general checkup are designed to be effective, efficient and affordable. We integrate all the major tests, exams and general procedures into one affordable package. So, you don’t give a second thought before opting for any of our packages. You can rest assured that you are availing a pragmatic and cost-effective pet health program.

High-Tech Lab for Complete Health Check up of Pets

We have a veterinarian laboratory containing latest vet equipment and tools. All the tests are performed in-house. For complex pet disease analysis, we have collaboration with other veterinary hospitals. Results are prepared dedicatedly and presented to you in clear format with complete details.

The following are some of the wellness tests for pets we undertake at our Napa Valley Animal Clinic:

  • In-depth analysis of ears and eyes to detect internal infections
  • Oral health and complete dental checkups
  • Pulse and heartbeat check
  • Kidney, lung and abdomen check
  • General checkup of reproductive organs

Special Senior Pet Health Programs

With advancements in pet health care, more pets are living longer. Dogs can now live up to 16-18 years. Subsequently, the risk for diseases also increases. This longevity has lead to dedicated pet care programs for senior pets. Older pets are known to suffer from diabetes, heart disease, kidney disorders and thyroid disease. Our well exams for senior pets feature:

  • Exhaustive Health history analysis and updating
  • Comprehensive physical exam
  • Respiratory, Heartworm and Lymes disease test
  • Rabies vaccination

Preparing for a Pet Wellness Check-up

We guide you on preparing your pet before a routine checkup. Maintaining diet, searching previous medical records, pet medication and pet handling are all taught to pet owners. This ensures that when you reach with your pet, things are already moving in the right direction.

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