Affordable Pet Vaccination Programs in Vaughan/Woodbridge

Pet Vaccination

Preventive pet health care is the sole responsibility of the owner. And timely pet vaccinations are integral for the overall health of your pet. A well-documented vaccination schedule of your cat or dog can provide them a shield against deadly diseases. Napa Valley Animal Hospital is the premier source of pet vaccinations in Vaughan/Woodbridge. Our courteous staff maintains complete record of your pet vaccine program for comprehensive pet care.

Why Pet Vaccination is Vital

Vaccinations for your companions are extremely crucial. They provide protection against contagious deadly diseases. Some of the common diseases are:

Dogs : Distemper, Parvovirus, Rabies and Leptospirosis.

Cats : Panleukopenia, Cat Rabies and Feline Leukemia Virus.

Vaccinations are important from both the dog and owner’s perspective. Pet diseases are contagious and can spread to humans. Our dosage prevents diseases spread by fungi, bacteria and viruses. Lately, we have also started offering vaccines against Giardia and Protozoans as well. Some vaccines have mild side-effects. But we provide all-inclusive services under one roof making us ready for every possible contingency.

How do Pet Vaccines Work?

Active immunization or vaccines helps develop an active immune response against harmful viruses and bacteria. Pet vaccinations stimulate the natural immune system against antigen. Vaccines help create antibodies or ‘Humoral’ response to alien threats. Modified-live vaccines provide enhanced security against diseases. But their strong action can wreak havoc on the animal body. The slower ‘killed vaccines’, on the other hand, are much safer since they cannot cause disease. Healthy animals receive vaccines well. A vaccine takes around 7 days to fully reach its potential. In pets, vaccines can be administered through injection, eye/nose drops and intra-nasal. Intra-muscular vaccines (for rabies) are injected directly into muscles. Intra-nasal vaccines are meant for respiratory problems such as kennel cough.

Vaccination Schedule

As part of regular vaccination schedule, the regimen starts with infant puppies and kittens. Vaccines are administered first at the age of 6-9 weeks. Subsequent shots follow after 3-4 weeks. General vaccination is completed at the age of 16 weeks. Later, specific vaccine can be administered as recommended by veterinarian. There are certain ‘core vaccines’ that are administered to every pet. Here is a detailed list of all the vaccinations we undertake.

  • Cat or Feline Vaccinations : F3 vaccine provides protection against Panleukopenia disease and contagious ‘cat flu’. FIV protects cats against AIDS. Other notable vaccines prevent feline Calicivirus/Herpesvirus, Rabies, feline Leukemia virus, Chlamydia, ringworm, immunodeficiency virus, Bordetella Bronchiseptica and Infectious Peritonitis.
  • Dog or Canine Vaccinations : C5 vaccine for dogs offers protection against a host of diseases including distemper, hepatitis and parvo-virus. Other important vaccines include kennel cough vaccine, Bordetella vaccine, canine DA2PP, para-influenza, Leptospirosis and Corona-virus.

Napa Valley Animal Clinic Vaccination Programs

Napa Valley Vets believe that prevention is always better than cure. We maintain comprehensive health record of your pet. Our staff calls and schedules your appointment in advance so you never miss a vaccine. Various factors including pet’s gender, diet and age are taken into account before administering medicine. Also, we examine every pet before the vaccination drive to prevent any problems later on. Compassionate veterinarians, courteous staff and clean medical facility are key to our services. We encourage owners to be part of their pet’s health. After all, they exhibit the purest form of love in every bond you share with them.

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