Pet Vaccinations- Integral to Healthy Pet Care

Are you are pet owner and asking “Why Vaccinations for pets”? Take a reality check. The best answer is that, we love them and care for their health. We love to have pets in our home. To keep them safe from diseases and dangers of any infection, we should care for their health. Providing vaccinations at regular interval and tracking it will help you to know about your pet’s health. So, vaccination is crucial for the longer life and healthier pets.

Pets are living beings just like us humans. Vaccination is a way to protect your pets from fatal diseases and other myriad health issues. As it has been said by renowned veterinarians, vaccination along with complete routine checkup helps maintain your pet health in pristine condition. New diseases are diagnosed every day and existing diseases evolve rapidly. So, veterinary doctors recommended vaccination to be done on a routine basis.

Why Pets Need Vaccinations

Vaccines are a long term immunity booster against specific diseases. They promote the strengthening of natural immunity of the body. They help your pets remain healthy and protect them from a number of diseases. When they enter the body, they act like a shield against viruses and bacteria.

Pet’s body will respond to improved immune system. If a particular disease comes up later in life, the body is ready to respond with immediate defense mechanism. Thus, it will not lead to any serious illness. As a result, theses vaccines boost up their immunity in their body. By proper vaccinations in regular period of time, pet’s body can kill small disease bacteria and boost their immune system in the long run.

Common Vaccinations

For kittens, puppies and small pets, initial vaccines are provided when they are of 6-9 weeks old. Thereafter, next vaccine is given after 3-4 weeks. This is crucial time to provide them vaccination. And third shot given latter on, which is further dependent on veterinary doctor’s consultancy.

Along with providing shield for your pet against diseases, vaccines shield the humans as well. They are not affected by pet diseases or from the next-door animals. Here are some common vaccine and diseases:

  • Ticks: they affect the skin condition of your pet. Usually, when you take your pet especially dog for a trip to another country, ticks can be transported onto them. Let your veterinary doctor know immediately as they will advice you on how to protect and take care of your pet.
  • Mites: Such disease often found in puppies and kittens and causes number of skin diseases. Like dermatitis in dogs which lead to scratches and severe skin infections. Puppies, in the first few days after birth, can suffer from Demodex mite. It is usually transmitted from their mother and cause similar irritation and infection.
  • Canine Vaccine: Basic vaccine that is usually given is the C5. It prevents from diseases like hepatitis, Distemper and ‘Parvo’ virus in dogs.
  • Boosting: Common local disease found in your pet are removed using boosting. They can suffer from Bordetella, Leptospirosis and corona virus.

Hence, to know the proper report of your pet consult our good veterinary doctors who will analyze pet. He/she will suggest you with proper pet care regimen and with vaccination at appropriate time.