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Napa Valley Vet provides cat and dog neutering services in Vaughan/Woodbridge that help control the reproduction and manage pet health better. Medically, neutering is the vet procedure to surgically remove the reproductive organs of male and female pets. Our experienced veterinarians perform neutering with utmost regard to their future health. The process does not harm the general lifestyle of the pet in any way.

Male and Female Reproduction Control

  • Male Dog – Testicles are removed through castration.
  • Female Dog – Uterus and Ovaries are removed through spaying.

Why Neuter Your Dog

There are many advantages of neutering your dog after certain age. The effects of neutering on dogs are evident soon after the procedure. The behavior of the dog changes for good. They become much more calm and predictable making them the ideal family pet. The unwanted sexual behavior, aggressive attitude, constant barking and mounting also decrease.

  • Genetic Disease Control – Dogs cannot pass on genetic defects to their offspring. Testicular Cancer – Eliminate the risk of potential testicular cancer.
  • Prostate Health Issue – Enlarged or infected prostate is prevented to a large extent. Behavioral traits like inter-male aggression, castration, roaming or straying are reduced.

Neutered dogs are less likely to stray, run from home in pursuit of partner or even mark territories regularly. Male dogs desperate to make an escape reportedly calm down after procedure.

Process of Dog Neutering

In neutering, the testicular epididymi and each of testes is removed. The spermatic ducts and testicular blood vessels are also removed. The other remaining organs including penis, urethra, prostate, other spermatic ducts and testicular vessels plus Bulbis Glandis are left intact. So, only the reproductive mechanism is removed that perform sperm production and secretion.

Male Cat Neutering

Neutering male cats helps them fit in the loving family environment better. The prime reason behind male cat neutering is to lower the instances of objectionable behaviors considered ethically incorrect in the human society.

  • Roaming – Almost 90% of male cats experience reduction in roaming after neutering.
  • Urine Marking – There is decrease in urine marking with neutering.
  • Fighting – Cat fights are lowered significantly.
  • Nuisance Control – Expect no more fighting, strange noises, or territory marking.
  • Less Diseases – Cat fighting spreads diseases (FeLV and FIV) or cause injuries. Neutering lowers the chances of stray cat accidents as well.
  • Population Control – Avoid unwanted pregnancies that cause stress.

Physical appearance is another factor to neuter. When the process is undertaken before puberty stage hits the cat, the masculine features and sexual characteristics are not developed.

Cat Neutering Process

Veterinarian cat neutering is a simple procedure. After administering anesthesia, vet opens the scrotum through a minor incision to bring out the testicles. The cords can be tied using a small suture or are tied to each other in order to cut the testicle free. The incision does not require stitches.


Neutering requires minimal recovery. Most clinics discharge the pets on the same day. No bleeding or stitching means the pet is free to roam. Do not bathe pet for some days to give time for incisions to heal properly. Normal diet is suggested during recovery. We, at Napa Valley Vet Hospital, provide humane pet neutering services.

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