Affordable Pet Surgical Services in Vaughan/Woodbridge

Major and Minor Veterinary

Pet Surgical Procedures

Napa Valley Animal Hospital in Vaughan/Woodbridge is a local vet center for major and minor veterinary surgeries. Our veterinarians and staff have undertaken many successful veterinary surgeries in the last few years. For certain health issues, surgeries are the only answer. Our safe surgical facility and veterinarians ensure your pet’s surgery goes as planned. Our pet vets can perform general and emergency pet surgeries and examinations. Our emergency vet is always on-site to help your pets.

What Makes us Different

From simple neutering to complex surgical procedures, we provide every major and minor pet surgical service. Our facility is renowned for following safety procedures, pre and post surgical care and providing excellent recovery solutions. In fact, we can proudly claim that safety standards are at par with human hospitals.Our vet hospital has all the necessary equipment and tools to offer a broad range of surgical procedures for both dogs and cats.

Major and Minor Veterinary Surgeries include:

  • Laceration repair and Bite wounds surgery
  • Pet dental surgeries
  • Bone implants
  • Declawing cats
  • Fish hook removal
  • Intestinal blockage
  • Soft tissue surgery
  • Fracture Repair
  • Ear cropping
  • Tumor removal in pets

Major vet services are available. Compare our services to competitors and you will discover ultimate value for money.Some Important Surgeries Performed at Napa Valley


Female pets have to be spayed. Female dogs and cats are spayed in order to remove their ovaries. In some cases, vets recommend the removal of uterus as well. Spaying eliminates the chances of mammary cancer and uterine infections.


Male pets have to be neutered to prevent prostate cancer. Testicle removal is done to control population as well as prevent testicular cancer.

Soft Tissue Surgery

These surgeries are focused on abdomen organs. Surgeries performed under this include Enterotomy, Gastrotomy, Cystotomy, Splenectomy, Gastropexy plus many more.

Pre-Surgery Management

Pre-surgical antibiotics are considered necessary to prevent existing infection from spreading further. Anesthesia administration is done under comprehensive care. Depending on the situation, we can administer local anesthesia or gas anesthesia using an intubation tube. During pet anesthesia, a surgeon closely monitors your pet’s mucus membranes and respiration. Also, pulse, oxygen levels, blood pressure, EKG readings and temperature are also under monitoring.

Recovery Stage

After surgery, pet has to be closely monitored for successful recovery. Anesthesia can cause trouble in maintaining body temperature. Pain management is a part of the recovery stage. Movements are controlled to aid recovery.


Pet surgery has to be supplemented with proper medication. A complete medication schedule and special diets are recommended by our veterinarians. For diseases like cancer, further medication includes radiation therapy and chemotherapy.

Napa Valley Animal Hospitals – Your Trusted Source for Pet Surgeries

You can approach our animal clinic with complete confidence. We are a trusted facility for every major and minor pet surgery. Get a complete general health check up of your pet today to determine the hidden diseases.

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