Affordable Pet Grooming Service in Woodbridge/Vaughan


Pet care goes beyond feeding and playing. There are many other aspects to pet ownership. And no doubt the most interesting is the pet grooming. They shower you with unconditional love. So, every pet deserves to be pampered. Believe it or not, your pet is going to love our pet grooming services.

Napa Valley pet grooming services in Vaughan/Woodbridge treat your pet with the most indulging services that will really make it appreciate the good life.

Contact us to schedule basic pet grooming to exclusive services with stunning detailing.

Napa Valley Pet Grooming Services

Although not scientifically proven, but we can definitely say that pet grooming positively influences your dog’s confidence. When your pet is looking his best, he can confidently stroll in the park and play with fellow pets. Unhygienic pets are a health risk for both the pet itself and the owner. Our professional pet grooming services aim at making your pet hygienic and beautiful (if that can be said about pets!).

  • Lowers Stress level - Pets experience stress just like us humans. Grooming can lower your pet’s stress levels. Our gentle and passionate services provide your furry friends with the positive energy. In the end, they will come out refreshed and fully charged up.
  • Personalized Attention - We only groom one pet at a time. Our professionals shower undivided attention on single pet only. This allows us to focus on quality and provide the maximum comfort to your pet.
  • Safe Products - All the shampoos, soaps and materials used in grooming are safe. These products are recommended to most pet owners as well. Most of our products are organic, making them safe for the environment as well. This shows our commitment to the Vaughan community as well as your lovable pets.
  • Convenient Scheduling - Everyone’s busy in this fast paced world. That’s why we provide pet grooming at your convenience. You can schedule the service whenever you can manage time. We also provide pick-up and drop-off facility to our local clients. Nothing to worry, even if you are in a hurry!
  • Affordable Packages - Our dog and cat grooming services include a wide range of packages. You can choose the affordable package for simple bath and nail clipping. Premium services can groom your dog for special events and include much more than bathing. Most of all, our premium services, too, are affordable.

Choose Napa Valley Animal Hospital for best Pet Grooming Service in Vaughan

  • Dog Grooming - Hair conditioning, bathing and brushing, dental and flea treatment, ear cleaning, paw care and much more.
  • Cat Grooming - Bathing and brushing, de-matting, perfuming, sanitary cleaning and nail-clipping.
  • Styling Packages - When you move up the ladder, so does your dog! Our styling packages offer the best services to dogs. In this package, we offer great haircuts, trimming, de-shedding, coloring, massaging, shaving, and myriad other services. Your special requests, if possible, can also be entertained. Discuss your needs with our pet stylists.
  • De-Ticking - It can be availed separately or as part of our grooming packages. Dogs/cats are bathed in high-quality anti-tick and flea shampoo. Every tick is detected and removed manually. Our pet groomer uses a multi-prong approach to remove ticks. The cost of de-ticking depends on pet size and severity of tick condition.
  • Call now to Stylize your Precious Pet - We offer safe and sterile pet grooming services in Vaughan. Our groomers consult with professional veterinarians before the ‘cleanup drive’. Not only do we stylize, but also provide fashion accessories for your precious pooch. Extra care is provided to elderly pets.
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