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Parasite Control

It is a well documented fact that pets get parasites at some point in their lifetime. Vital care must be provided to the pet immediately before parasite issue becomes serious health concern. Some years ago, simple pet parasites such as roundworms, ticks and fleas were considered a threat. But with evolving biology, weather and disease resistance, parasites have also evolved. Consult Napa Valley certified veterinarians in Vaughan/Woodbridge if you notice any strange symptoms.

Pet Parasites can be Fatal -

Significant amount of research has shown that parasites can lead to serious illnesses. In worst case scenario, they can turn fatal as well. Intestinal parasites like hookworms and roundworms are a serious health concern for your dog. Young animals are at most risk since they do not have fully developed immune system. Both cats and dogs are equally susceptible to parasites all through their lives.

Worms live and thrive inside your pet’s body. They are entirely dependent on your pet. So, it can be impossible to pinpoint the symptoms. There are dedicated tests and analysis to detect different types of pets. Our high tech pet laboratory in best animal hospital in Napa Valley Vaughan has all the necessary equipment to detect every harmful parasite in your pet’s body. Visit our pet clinic before the parasites are spread to your family members.

Types, Symptoms and Detection of Pet Parasites -

Differentiating parasite-infested pets from healthy pets is a task for veterinarians. There are minute symptoms that only a good veterinarian can differentiate. For example, pets suffering from skin pathology (keratinization, pruritis and alopecia) are the most common cases experienced by vets.

Common Symptoms in Cats and Dogs -

There are some parasites that attack both cats and dogs due to their ferocious appetite for blood. They cause pet to make multiple bites resulting in allergic reactions and fecal discomfort. Dermatitis from flea allergy and flea bite can lead to secondary problems such as self excoriation, pustular plus papular rashes and saborrhea. Inflammation at certain body parts also indicates parasite presence.

Mites and Lice -

Lice and mites cause minor inflammatory symptoms which, at times, can be difficult to diagnose. Skin conditions are triggered by Scabies Demodectic mange Chyletiella mites These mites/lice have significant role to play in skin conditions. Although, skin conditions can also be caused by other factors but they are less severe. Skin health of your pet is the right representation of your pet’s health.

Internal Parasites

  • Tapeworm –Tapeworm is found in tissue and intestines of pets. Stool contains tapeworm and its analysis can help detect tapeworm presence. Commonly, feline and canine tapeworm infection occurs in intestinal tract. The infestation can occur by ingesting rabbits and rodents. Dipylidium is the most common tapeworm. General symptoms include appetite variation, scooting, diarrhea and weight loss.
  • Roundworms –Poor health, lethargy, inflammatory bowel syndromes, and anemia are caused by roundworms. Roundworms such as Toxocara Canis can affect young puppies. These are also transferred to children. Early de-worming is the best way to prevent them.
  • Whipworms and Hookworms –They can cause contagious skin diseases and diarrhea. They are found in Cecum near interconnection of large and small intestine. Soil contains whipworms and dogs can swallow them during playtime.
  • Heartworm –A fatal worm, it resides inside the heart and can move through the blood vessels. This can cause death in pets. This worm is transmitted through mosquitoes when they inject larvae under the skin during biting. We administer ProHeart SR-12 that helps prevent heart failure due to heartworm.
  • Napa Valley – Comprehensive Pet Parasite Prevention and Control –Fecal examination is important in detecting and determining internal parasites. At Napa Valley Animal Hospital, we undertake detailed analysis. From de-worming to removing parasite through surgery, we undertake all the procedures for a worm free pet. Our anthelmintic treatment helps pet enjoy a good healthy life.
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