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Laboratory Analysis

Vaughan’s Trusted Veterinarian Laboratory

Pet health examination and analysis is a wide topic. There are myriad lab tests to be performed in order to correctly determine a disease. we provide comprehensive pet laboratory analysis including diagnostic and treatment services in Vaughan/Woodbridge. Our clients experience good animal disease testing through proven lab equipment within hours. Napa Valley veterinarians are experienced in approaching pet disease through detailed lab analysis. Call today for affordable vet laboratory analysis.

Napa Valley Vet Laboratory Services

We offer a host of pet vet services. Our laboratory is manned by trained staff dedicated to providing precise lab analysis. We aim to provide accurate results for our veterinarians to approach the pet disease through the right direction. Our basic pet lab tests include:

  • Blood-Urea-Nitrogen Testing
  • Creatinine: Helps determine kidney disease and dehydration
  • Glucose Levels: Identify diabetes
  • Liver Enzymes: Liver disease screening test
  • Fecal inspection
  • Pack Cell Volume: Test for anemia
  • Histopathology
  • Ear swabs and culture Testing
  • Skin and Fur Check
  • Blood testing for worms, fleas and mites
  • Detailed Blood Inspection reporting
  • Serum bio chemistry
  • Total Protein: Test for liver function and immune system
  • Pet Urine Tests
  • Coomb’s Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate
  • Coagulation Profiling
  • Hematology
  • Electrolyte testing

Some Laboratory Examination in Detail

We undertake additional tests to determine the health status of your pet. Here are some details into some of our tests:

  • Complete Blood Count : This test is done to establish platelet numbers, blood infection symptoms, anemia and severe inflammation.
  • ALT Examination : This test determines the ALT enzyme levels in liver.
  • Various other Notable Tests : Electrolyte panels, thyroid tests, Alk Phos levels, cholesterol levels, pancreatic enzymes and kidney tests.
  • Radiography : This is vital in determining cancer, abdominal exploratory cases, bone density and gall bladder surgery.

Pet Radiology (X-ray) and Ultrasonography

Pet radiography is helpful in determining numerous medical conditions. X-rays are very helpful in examinations pertaining to pet’s abdomen, lungs, oral cavity, heart and bones. Using radiography, our veterinarians can identify cancerous tumors, fractured bones or foreign bodies in your pet. By using ultrasound in combination with other radiography techniques, vets can approach the disease better. Ultrasound represents the ultimate in non-invasive imaging technology. Vets can better visualize pet’s internal organs such as abdomen and chest. No sedation is required for ultrasound.

Napa Valley Animal Hospital’s Advanced Veterinary Lab

Our lab has the best pet laboratory equipment throughout Vaughan. All the vital pet examination is conducted in-house. Furthermore, we have collaboration with Canada’s leading veterinarian laboratories to conduct any advanced test. The results are provided in minimal time and reported in clear format. Our experienced veterinarians can help you take immediate steps as soon as you get pet’s laboratory exam report.

Call today at 905-552-VETS (8387) to get information on a variety of pet lab tests.