Know Reasons Why Cats Impulsively Scratch, Lick, or Chew

Many cat owners are of the view that cats scratch themselves or rub themselves against some object because they are stressed or annoyed. Though, this is a fact but not in all cases. There are many reasons that encourage them to scratch themselves or other objects around them.

Sometimes cats scratch to mark their territory or try to remove their dead outer layer or some skin disease or parasite attack force them for this abrupt behavior. We, at Vaughan animal services, provide reliable information to the pet-owners about why cats scratch or lick objects impulsively.

Some of the Reasons behind Cat Scratching

Parasite Attack – Parasites are those organisms that live on other organism. They are generally found in cats and dogs. Fleas are a kind of parasite that attack the cats and become the reason behind their impulsive scratching. There are many other parasites such as ticks, mites and ringworm that also cause skin diseases and lead to prompt scratching. Consult our Vaughan vet clinic if you find your cat excessively scratching or licking its lower back. There are chances that fleas or other parasites might be bothering it.

Allergy – Just like we humans are affected by certain food or environmental triggers and develop skin irritation and itchiness, cats may also have some skin allergy that makes their skin itch. You need to figure out the things that cause skin irritation or allergy in your cats.

Dry Skin – In winter, dry winter air or lack of proper nutritional diet may lead to dry and flaky skin. Dry skin often develop an urge in cats to lick or scratch the body to get relief.

Pain – Pain or some kind of discomfort can also be the reason for obsessive scratching. If you find your cat scratching a particular area of its body scratching and licking again and again, consult your vet as that body area might be troubling your cat.

Boredom or Anxiety – Spontaneous chewing or scratching can also be out of boredom or anxiety. Such kind of mental disorders are generally found in indoor cats, which is due to lack of exercise or outdoor activities. Also, such behavior develops due to some medical condition that continues to stay even after the scratching problem is resolved.


Eliminating Parasites – It is complex to diagnose the fleas infestation in cats. Thus, you need to use effective parasite control products every six months to check if there’s some reduction in incidence of licking or scratching.

Consult Your Vet – It is crucial to visit your vet periodically for complete health checkup of your cat. Veterinarians have in-depth knowledge about pets and their medical and physical conditions. They can guide you better about how to deal with such problems.

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