5 Tips To Extend Your Pet’s Life: Woodbridge Animal Hospital

How to extend your pet’s life

We love our pets – they bring joy, love and companionship. They give us unconditional love and in return, we love them back. Who wouldn’t want to keep their pets happy and healthy throughout their life cycle. Here at Woodbridge animal hospital, our veterinarians discuss five effective ways to keep your pets healthy and safe for years to come.

Dental Care

Just like humans, dental issues are quite common in pets as well. That’s why, it is essential that the pet owners should stay vigilant with quality dental care. It is a great way to ensure that your pet is healthy for as long as possible. Make sure you check your pet’s teeth and gums on a regular basis. If you notice any inflammation, bleeding or redness, consult with your veterinarian. Always brush your pet’s teeth at home with an animal specific toothbrush and paste.

Good Diet

A good diet is a key to good health. Pet owners need to make sure that they provide their pets with a well-balanced and nutritious diet that is apt for their age. Remember, the dietary needs of young pets are different from the senior pets. If you aren’t sure about what food you should give to your pet, check with your veterinary professional.

Consistent Exercise

Diet is not all, regular exercise is also very vital to keep your pet from becoming overweight. Regular exercise will keep your pet’s bones, muscles and joints healthy. Take your pet for a walk, play with him, use toys to make the physical activity more fun. You can ask your vet about safe and effective ways of exercising your pet.

Preventative Medicine

Prevention is better than cure. That’s why, you should never overlook the preventative medication. Vaccinations are key to a pet’s health. Your vet will take only a few minutes to administer the vaccines and will save you the hassle and cost of treating any serious infection or disease down the road. Consult your veterinarian about the vaccinations that your pet will require at a particular age.

Veterinary Appointments

Keep in mind that regular veterinary visits are essential for your pet’s overall health. By assessing your pet’s health regularly, your vet will be able to catch the potential signs of any disease early, making the treatment simpler and effective. Our vets at Woodbridge pet hospital, recommend veterinary visits twice a year.